full weekend pass


  • paypal $20 to vovnoise@gmail.com

  • please include your first and last name when making payment

We urge everyone to buy their tickets prior to the fest. with the price being lower than ever, we expect more friends. we are counting on you to reserve your spot so we can plan for infrastructure accordingly.

please read our statement below about our new approach to vov!




The VOV board has voted unanimously to make the festival $20 for all attendees/artists. This decision was made so VOV will be as inclusive, fair and accessible as possible. In previous years performers did not pay ticket or camping fees, but comprised 50-75% of the attendance while the non-performing audience would pay a ticket cost between $50 and $100. We believe this new practice will efficiently cover the significant expenses while making VOV an even more positive and sustainable experience for all. VOV has never profited from ticket sales and all staffing and performances are volunteered. We are very proud of this and will continue this practice forever. VOV exists to strengthen, support, and champion worldwide self expression. We look forward to seeing you in the woods.