essential tips for camping


Keep your food in a separate area from your sleeping area whether it’s in your car or in your cooler.


It is important to keep hydrated on long days, especially when it’s hot. It's easy to get wrapped up in the music and forget to drink enough water. Make sure you have plenty of ways to store and drink water. You should carry your water bottle with you at most times. Your pee should not be too yellow or dark.


Your scalp is a major burn risk even if you have A lot of hair. Sleeping with a sunburnt scalp is no fun. To prevent a scalp burn you can Wear a hat, bandana or sit under a canopy. 


It is very important to minimize waste and to clean up after yourself. While there are dumpsters, they are a ways from the camping area. You are responsible for the waste that you create. Bring bins to store and transport trash and waste. Leaving trash/not picking up after yourself is unacceptable! Leave no trash, leave no trace! Please take all recyclables with you home. Recycling is not available at the CAMPSITE. Metal cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles are excellent to recycle.


When you are camping, Aim to reduce the amount of waste that you bring and create. Bring reusable food containers instead of disposable ones. Read more about Zero Waste and you can talk to Emily Poor about it at vov. 



If you plan for the extremes (Rain, Heat, injuries, sickness, broken gear) and have strategies to deal with it, you will have a much better time. Anytime you are living outdoors for multiple days you will face the unexpected. The difference between an awesome experience and a bad experience at VOV can be your expectations and how prepared you are when the unexpected happens.


Just a tip: Don’t leave camping chairs out overnight. Fold/ cover them up. Even if it doesn't rain the dew will soak the chair and make breakfast unpleasant .



Tent with stakes and ground cloth/ footprint:

While you can sleep in the car, a cool night breeze is best enjoyed in a tent. Make sure it is in good condition with a rain fly; no rips, holes, missing poles, tie outs, missing stakes. Know how to set it up properly including staking the tent and tie out lines on the rain fly. If your tent isn’t set up properly, wind could damage it and if it rains you and your gear will get wet. You should waterproof the seams on your tent and rain fly with a camping seam sealer even if the tent is new. By waterproofing all the seams, you will be less likely to have a leak when it rains. Use of a ground cloth for your tent will protect the bottom of you tent from rock and other debris and help keep the tent dry. Use a standard tarp or 3mil painters plastic folded just smaller than the floor of your tent. ~The ground cloth should never stick out from beneath your tent or it will collect rain and flood your tent.~

Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Pads:

Even though the days will be hot, it can get cool at night. A summer sleeping bag will keep you comfortable. A sleeping pad or air mattress will keep you even more comfortable. A lightweight camping foam sleeping pad that folds/rolls up or an inflatable version like a Thermarest will soften the hard ground and keep you and you sleeping bag dry WHEN the ground gets wet.

Headlamps, Lanterns, and Flashlights:

It will get dark and you will want to have a light to see your way around the campsite. A headlamp is a great option because it is hands free and is perfect for: cooking, setting up a tent, assembling your gear (if you’re playing at night), as well as simply wandering the campsite late at night. Lanterns are great for just hanging out around your campsite.

Hiking Boots or Shoes:

You will be in grass, gravel, and dirt the whole time at VOV. Make sure you have good boots or shoes that are comfortable walking in all day as you will be going back and forth from your campsite many times each day. It is good to have second pair of shoes in case it rains or you get tired of wearing boots.

First Aid Kit:

Be a VOV hero and bring a first aid kit! Include the usual aspirin, bandages, and gauze, but also toss in some hiking-specific stuff like: moleskin (for blisters), bug sprays, and aloe vera (for burns.)



Bring enough food for 4 days. The closest gas station and stores are 3 miles away and have limited selections especially if you have dietary restrictions. The less trips you have to make to town the better.


A classic two-burner propane camp stove is best. You do not want to rely solely on cooking over a fire. While you can make a campfire, it wont cook your food in the rain. Bring at least a couple of fuel canisters and a lighter, and try it out before leaving to be sure it’s working properly and you know how to use it.



A cooler is essential for keeping your brews and perishables cool. It also keeps critters from eating your food. Having a plastic tub/ dry cooler is recommended as well because it keeps critters out of your food and minimizes food laying around the campsite. A plastic/paper bag is easily ripped apart by critters and creates excess waste.


Pots, plates, cups and sporks:

You have to bring everything necessary for food prep and consumption. Camping cookware and cutlery work well but standard kitchenware (metal and plastic) will work too. You’ll also need: a scrubber, biodegradable soap, a towel and two small wash tubs  (one for dirty, one for clean). Disposable dishware is great for convenience but bad on the environment, so don’t bring it!


Clothes for all types of weather:

be sure to bring Light clothes for hot and sunny weather. examples are: Thin shirts, light shorts, bandanAs/ hats, etc. Most parts of the campground and stage have very little shade. It is a good idea to Bring warm clothes for the evening. This includes: long pants, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies. The temperature drops at night. It will rain so bring rain gear. A good rain jacket and rain pants or a nice poncho will make the wet times much less miserable. A big umbrella will help you make friends fast! Fast drying clothes like synthetic underwear, shorts and shirts will dry much faster than cotton.


Most of the campsite has very little shade. Getting really sunburnt sucks. be sure to bring protection that is suitable for your skin type and don't forget to reapply!


Optional Gear

Camping Chairs:

VOV does not provide chairs. Also, there are no picnic tables at the campsite. Foldable camping chairs with a bag/ handle will make transporting chairs from the stage to your campsite very easy.

Bug Spray:

Getting eaten alive by bugs is not fun. If chemicals are not your thing use a natural one or skip it all together, but check for ticks regularly. Natural bug sprays are usually available at your local farmers market!


Blankets are perfect to lounge on while observing the music in front of the stage. Blankets with rubberized bottoms are nice when ground is damp.

Fire starters, lighter and  fire wood:

You can have a small campfire to enjoy/cook on.  Buy wood from the local gas stations. Transporting firewood from out of state can cause serious harm to the local trees and wildlife.

Camping knife/multitool/leatherman:

Sometimes you need to cut or pry things while in the wilderness. Multi tools with can openers, pliers, and bottle openers will come in handy more often than you think.

Rope/zip ties:

Perfect for hanging tarps, making a clothesline, lashing sticks together, and fixing stuff that breaks.

Camping canopy/gazebo:

These types of shelters are great to protect you from sun and rain. They are sure to supply a great hang out and/or kitchen area.


You will spend quite a bit of time going back and forth from the stage to your campsite. A bicycle cuts down on back and forth time allowing you to see more music.

Things specific to VOV/ Indian Meadows Campground

There is no running water in camping/stage area

    You must have ways to transport and store lots of water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. A shower house and bathrooms with water is at the front of the campground, but it is a 5-10 minute walk depending on where you set up camp.

Choose campsite carefully

    Go for a spot that is on higher ground, as flat as possible, and with some shade. Campsites near the river or at low points will flood in heavy rains. There isn’t a lot of shade, and it gets very hot if you do not have a canopy/ tarp.

Bring earplugs

    We will have 3 days of loud music. You will want to save your eardrums so you can hear it all.

More info about Indian Meadows Campground


Dunkard Creek

    Dunkard Creek flows through the campground. Last year, we learned that this creek is connected to the ecosystem of the area - the creek overflows after heavy rains. Dunkard Creek connects with the Monongahela River, near Morgantown.


Be mindful of history:

    The Shawnee and Ohio Valley tribes originally lived in this region.

    Most of the Native People of the region were killed, captured, assimilated, or forcibly removed by the US. Please acknowledge their spirits and history while you are visiting.



The Indian Meadows campground is fairly remote. The closest town is Blacksville. It is 3 miles away but with minor amenities available. Morgantown is the closest city And it is about 15 miles away. There are restaurants, grocery STORES, and more available in Morgantown.


Gas stations - Ice, Water, Beer, Food and of course gas


6205 Mason-Dixon Hwy

 Blacksville, WV 26521

3.2 miles away


Pacific Pride

1550 Blue Horizon Dr

 Morgantown, WV 26501

11 miles away


Grocery Stores

Belko Foods

62 Daybrook Rd

 Blacksville, WV 26521

2.6 miles away


Morgantown Farmers Market

415 Spruce Street

 Morgantown, WV

Saturday 8:30am - 12pm

17.4 miles away

 Mountain People’s co-op market & cafe

131 pleasant st

morgantown, wv 26505

17 miles away



fresh mint indian grill

40 high street

morgantown, wv 26505

18 miles away

la tapatia market and tacos

14 marvin gardens

morgantown, WV 26508

20 miles away

Lefty’s place

236 walnut st

morgantown, WV 26505

17 miles away


The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

 7100 Willie G Ave

 Morgantown, WV 26501

14.9 miles away


Tudor's Biscuit World (A.K.A. heaven on earth)

3071A, University Ave

 Morgantown, WV 26505

15.6 miles away


Black Bear Burritos

132 Pleasant St.

Morgantown, WV 26505

17 miles away


Mountain State Brewing Company

54 Clay St

Morgantown, WV 26501

18 miles away



 372 Patteson Drive

Morgantown WV 26505

16 miles away


Morgantown Brewing Company

1291 University Ave

Morgantown, WV 26505

17 miles away


This camping guide was brought to you by Emily Poor and Karl Vorndran.